7 Reasons why you shouldn’t take Azilect without a prescription

7 Reasons why you shouldn’t take Azilect without a prescription

You can’t self-medicate using Azilect. This is because it is only available with a doctor’s prescription. Some side effects associated with Azilect require you to notify your doctor. A doctor will monitor the side effects and give remedial actions.

Reasons why you should not self-medicate with Azilect

  1. There are various side effects associated with Azilect

Some of these side effects are serious and severe and require you to notify your doctor. Some of these side effects include:

  • Dizziness when you stand up
  • Joint pain
  • Abdominal and intestines pain
  • Inflammation in the eyes and face
  • Excessive vomiting
  • Difficulty in movements
  • Impulsive behavior with obsessive thoughts
  1. You might be allergic to Azilect

A doctor will explain all the components in Azilect. The main reason is to identify if you have allergies to any of them. This is information you wouldn’t otherwise know on your own

  1. Incorrect self-diagnosis

Your doctor will determine whether you need Azilect or not. In some cases, your doctor will prescribe a different medicine. Taking Azilect without a prescription may cause harmful and irreversible effects. This is because you may have the wrong diagnosis of your symptoms

  1. Incorrect dosage

Depending on the severity of your symptoms, your doctor will prescribe the right dosage. Without a doctor’s prescription, it means that you will be guessing what the right dosage is. This may lead to irreversible damage to your body

  1. Incorrect manner of administration

Even though you can take Azilect with food or without food, your doctor may have other specifications. Your doctor may refer you to take Azilect before food, with food, or after food. This ensures that Azilect has the maximum effect and works quickly. Without a prescription, you choose when to take Azilect and it reduces its effects.

  1. Dangerous drug interactions

Some other medicines cannot be used in conjunction with Azilect. The adverse effects they have when combined may cause loss of eyesight and other effects too. You inform your doctor of these during prescription. Taking Azilect without a prescription means you have no information about these harmful interactions.

  1. Azilect should never be shared with other people

You might be tempted to  share Azilect with other individuals if they have similar symptoms as you. Your doctor will advise you that this is not right. If you only bought Azilect over the counter, you might be tempted to share Azilect. It is best to have this information at hand which you do by visiting a doctor

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